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ACON Investments is a middle-market private equity investment firm led by a cohesive team that has been investing together for over 22 years. We partner with management teams to create value through separate funds for our investors across a wide range of industries in the U.S. and in Latin America. Founded in 1996, ACON is responsible for managing approximately $5.3 billion of assets with a diverse portfolio of companies spanning over 60 investments.

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United States

United States

We are committed to creating value for our investors by embracing complexity and working with our management partners to build stronger companies. We have made successful private equity investments through a variety of economic cycles. Our U.S. investment team has a disciplined focus on growth and operational improvements as the primary tools towards value creation.

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Latin America

Latin America

ACON has a proven track record investing throughout Latin America, where our team shares complementary backgrounds, skills and credibility. We have been executing private equity and structured quasi-equity investments in Latin America for over 20 years. We have invested throughout the business cycles in 32 businesses across 10 countries and understand the dynamics of these evolving markets.

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In Focus

True Value

ACON completed the purchase of True Value Company. Established in 1948, True Value is a wholesale distributor of approximately 80,000 SKUs of home improvement and hardware products to approximately 4,400 retail locations in over 60 countries.

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Core Industries

Uncovering Growth

ACON has a successful track record investing in value irrespective of overall macroeconomic trends. We evaluate long-term economic trends seeking industries that stand to benefit. Within these industries, we identify niche markets that offer competitive advantages and embrace complex situations as a means to uncover hidden value.