IWP Announces the Acquisition of Chronic Care, Inc.

August 4, 2015

Today IWP announced that it has completed the acquisition of Chronic Care, Inc. (CCI) dba MH Express Pharmacy, a workers’ compensation home delivery pharmacy operating exclusively in the State of California.

The acquisition by IWP of CCI provides IWP entry into the largest workers’ compensation market in the United States with 20% of all workers’ compensation claims and nearly 25% of all U.S. workers’ compensation pharmacy spend. The acquisition also expands IWP’s operational footprint to three locations – Andover, MA, Phoenix, AZ, and now Monrovia, CA.

IWP President and CEO, Ken Martino commented, “Our entire team is excited about the addition of CCI. With this new acquisition, IWP and CCI will continue to thrive as a patient advocate for injured workers in a complex and evolving environment that requires specialized solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of the workers’ compensation marketplace.”

Established in 1975, CCI is one of the largest and most comprehensive Workers’ Compensation pharmacies in California with a service area from Sacramento to San Diego.